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Minne Lusa Historic District

For those who live in Minne Lusa, there is a definite sense of pride and identity. For those who don’t live in Minne Lusa, you may never have heard of it. Minne Lusa is located just north of Miller Park between 24th St and 30th St from Redick to Vane. If you’re a big fan of Midtown Omaha or just craftsman architecture, you should give Minne Lusa a look. You can check us out on

On Wednesday, February 1st, Minne Lusa hosted two representatives from the Nebraska State Historical Society. We took them on a tour of the area to show the value of Minne Lusa as a Historic District. We walked through a number of houses and studied historic photos and documents showing the development of the area. Like most who visit the area, they were pleasantly surprised. Minne Lusa’s application to the National Register of Historic Places as a Historic District is underway. We are hoping to have this process completed in time for our Minne Lusa’s Centennial in 2016.

We will keep everyone updated as this process picks up speed.

Original Ad from Early in Minne Lusa History

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