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Like Flowed Glass


Ripples in old windows adds to their charm

When I was young, I lived in a 100 year old house. My bed was always next to a window. I would lay in bed on summer mornings and just stare out my window at our tree or our clothesline.

The hundred year old glass, like many older windows, had ripples. I remember thinking this was because the window was suffering from its age, and I looked at it as a regrettable feature. As I would look out the window, I would often use the ripples in the glass to distort a bird sitting on his perch. He would elongate and contract as I moved my head back and forth. I would even try to get my eyes in just the right place to almost make the bird disappear. I would look at how the telephone wires looked like they had been cut every few feet and were barely touching all their pieces in a little zigzag. I would imagine that the voices of the people talking on the phones must sound strange as they moved along these wires suddently dropping off every few words as the line met its next cut.

Over the years, I began to appreciate this defect in our old windows. I realized that it had allowed me to view things with a different perspective, adding more character to what was on the other side. What was just a bird became something that could change shape and disappear. Wires, trees, light from the neighbors porch all took on different apearances. When it came time for me to buy my own home, I realized that I was hoping for ripples in the glass, just one of a hundred characteristics of old houses that made them seem warm and intimate to me.

Minne Lusa is a hundred year old neighborhood. Over the years it has developed its own ripples and characteristics. Some people look at it and think the neighborhood is suffering from its age, and they look at it as a regrettable feature. But the ripples and characteristics of this beautiful neighborhood are attracting the imaginations of a new generation of homeowners, looking out their windows and seeing things with a different perspective, seeing more character in the things on the other side. People are just hoping for the “ripples in the glass,” making Minne Lusa seem warm and intimate to them, too.

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