No News . . . is NOT Good News.

“Honey, where’s the boy?” my wife asked me.
“He’s just in his room, playing . . . quietly. Oh no.”
The realization was too late. My wife and I burst into our 2-year-old’s room. We could see his little footprints showing his circular waddle pattern as he spun around his room with the now-empty bottle of baby powder. Everything was covered in snowy drifts of talc. As a parent, there was nothing I could do but to ask my son the brilliant question: “Oh, so you found the baby powder, did you?”

Anyone who’s had a toddler knows that something is already a mess once you’ve realized the toddler is quiet. The weathered adage, “No news is good news,” is really more of a punchline to young parents. We know the importance of being aware of what is going on in our home. We know how crucial it is to listen as much to the silence as to the noises – a necessary skill for us all as citizens as well.

Minne Lusa passed through some tough days in the 80’s and 90’s. Not everything was terrible, but we were hearing the noises of a changing neighborhood. However, through the efforts some really dedicated folks, Minne Lusa has experienced a bit of resurgence within the last few years. We have had some great things to talk about – and we do talk about them. Come to any Saturday Brew at the Minne Lusa House and you’ll hear all kinds of wonderful things that go on here. If you follow us on Facebook, then you’ve undoubtedly seen me ranting and raving over every little thing that we do here like we had just won the Nobel Prize for Neighborhood Awesomeness.

There’s a reason I do that. North Omaha suffers from a bad reputation. In Omaha, when people don’t hear about the good things happening in North Omaha, the negative reputation stays in place. When negative news airs, it only pushes that perception deeper into people’s collective mindset about a whole quarter of the city.

So we need news. We need good news. We need trumpets blasting and ticker tape. We need cheerleaders and handmade signs. We need baby kissing and boy scouts and news, news, news, news! We need to hear how Trinity Lutheran is donating books and other supplies to the kids at Miller Park School. We need to hear how Avery on Titus Street won an award in her third grade class for collecting the most litter. We need to hear how North High School’s Science and Technology courses have earned it national recognition. We need to hear about the renewed interest in the history along Florence Blvd and the Walking Tour happening there in Autumn 2014. We need to know more about the redevelopment happening on 24th Street and Lake, at 30th and Ames, and at the Turning Point Campus and the new Wal-Mart. So I yammer on and on at every chance I get about how great things are here. Because no news is NOT good news. Good news is good news! And good news, folks: There’s lots and lots of good stuff happening in Minne Lusa and the rest of North Omaha. There’s not enough room in a dozen blogs to hold it all. But ask around, and you’ll come across some really fantastic things. In fact, you should add your voice to the conversation. If you don’t already talk about the great things that happen all over North Omaha, please find something you really want to brag about and speak up. Let the rest of Omaha know why Life is good here.

I would love to brag on your news, too. If you know of something really great that you think I should tell people about, let me know so we can get you some ticker tape and trumpets! You can send me a note here on the blog or by contacting me on the Facebook page or by good old-fashioned handshaking at the Minne Lusa House on Saturday mornings. In the mean time, you can check out the latest news in Minne Lusa by visiting our newsletter page at Remember folks, good news is good news.

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One thought on “No News . . . is NOT Good News.

  1. Mary Mather

    Matt: great information ! I have to tell you it’s bittersweet driving down Florence boulevard, past my home if 32 years and see the 100+ tulips my husband and son planted last fall…I do love it up here, it’s extremely quiet…I feel safe… But I do miss my home. Take care , keep up the great work!
    Mary Mather

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