Uprooted: Leaving our home on the Boulevard

I’ve procrastinated in writing this post. It’s been ten years in the making, and I’ve had a hard time finding simple words to use to write about it. But all the delaying doesn’t change the fact. My family and I no longer live in our beautiful home on Minne Lusa Boulevard. It’s time like this that I’m glad that I write a blog instead of doing a podcast. When you’re reading, you won’t be able to hear my occasional blubbering and sobbing.

For those who don’t know, my family has lived at the corner of Minne Lusa Boulevard and Whitmore for the last decade. Our home there has welcomed us as newlyweds, been the place where both of our boys learned to walk. The walls have listened to our arguments, the stairs have endured endless treks up to bedtime, the floors have comforted us with familiar creaks. I have so many pictures of our holidays and birthdays there. To be honest, I still accidentally drive there about once a week on my way home because the path there is so deeply ingrained in my mind. Though my family and I definitely miss the place we called home for so long, we were glad to hand it off to the new owners who grew up in the neighborhood and wanted to live in Minne Lusa specifically because they love the community. While our home was never listed on the market, we knew the new owners had been looking for a house in the neighborhood and they knew we had been working hard on ours. We made connections and the house was sold. Truthfully, we likely wouldn’t have gone through with it for another buyer. But we knew this family loved the neighborhood and the house as much as we did. It was time to pass it on.

The process turned sideways on us when our transaction for our next house fell apart rather suddenly very near the end of the process. Unexpectedly, we found ourselves without a house. We had signed a contract to sell our house and didn’t have one to move into. All of our good feelings about selling our home seemed to to grow horns. Some of our best friends in the neighborhood also lived on the Boulevard a couple of streets down from us on Mary Street. Behind them, a pink bungalow had sat vacant for some time. Our friends had already talked with the family about purchasing it but graciously stepped aside and let us buy it instead. It had potential, but it needed time, money, and vision to come to life again. We had vision. That’s about it. We were out of time and needed to move quickly. All of our available cash and savings went into purchasing the house outright without financing which left us nothing to renovate with.

Nevertheless, we are embarking on an exciting new chapter of our Minne Lusa life by restoring this 1916 bungalow. My family and I will be blogging about the process and will include pictures as projects progress. We’re excited about this opportunity and glad to still be in the neighborhood that has become a part of our family’s identity. We’ll be inviting you all to follow our progress as soon as the blog formally launches (we’re dealing with some copyright issues about the name and URL we chose for the blog). We loved our home on the Boulevard and leaving it was one of the hardest things our family had ever had to do. But we also love our Bungalow and are excited to be taking on a new Minne Lusa project as a family. I would love to hear stories of your first move or your project house successes. You can message me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/MinneLusa or you can email me directly at mattgetsemail@yahoo.com.

In the mean time, Here’s some pictures of our Boulevard house the day before we moved out.


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And some early photos of the Bungalow the day before we moved in:


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