Minne Lusa’s Heritage

Minne Lusa was the result of the efforts of Charles W. Martin. He purchased a tract of land north of Miller Park that was being used by the US Army for training purposes. Minne Lusa Ad

Martin developed the area to be Omaha’s premier suburban destination. In 1916, he platted the area into 800 parcels of land, to be the largest subdivision ever platted in Omaha. He added a boulevard through the heart of the neighborhood, building directly on top of a creek which contributes to its gentle meander. Martin made sure every house in the neighborhood had a garage, a first for the state. Decorative lighting was installed throughout the neighborhood to give it a welcoming glow.

Once the development had begun, Martin wasted no time in starting to advertize. His marketing strategy was expensive, but effective. Almost every other day, Martin would take out an entire third of a page in the newspaper declaring the virtues of this new development.

Charles W. Martin mounted an expensive advertising campaign.

The neighborhood was completed by 1925 and a new era of northward development had hit it’s stride.

The neighborhood has since been home to generations of families, some of them the original families for the properties, and many new families.

The neighborhood is experiencing new attention and fresh life as many homebuyers are recognizing what Charles Martin advertised in so many ads newrly a hundred years ago. These are great homes in a great area for a great price.

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